TWS Technology is a family-centered gym opening July 1 at 103 Perry Drive in Southern Pines. The gym is owned by a married couple with three children.

Sean Boer was in the U.S. Army and met Jennifer Baur while on duty in Europe. They are certified personal trainers and moved here three months ago from Washington.

“It will be just me and my wife running the place,” Boer said. “We want to be a family gym.”

The Kid Zone is within sight of the bungee and kickboxing workout area, so parents can keep an eye on children.

The bungee workout is available by reservation and is a low-impact exercise with resistance and cardio benefits.

Student Paula Kettell is in the U.S. Army and said she wanted to try bungee exercise.

“I felt like I was doing ballet,” Kettell said. “I always wanted to do it and hadn’t had a chance so combining the bungee and ballet is perfect.”

TWS Technology has a Kickboxing Circuit Room, so people may workout by themselves with a timer. A board directs training and changes daily.

The gym offers several programs, including Tabata, Strong Nation, weight training, Abs on Fire, bungee and kickboxing.

Their motto is “positivity, no judgment, get stronger all with a smile.”

Customers who purchase a one-year contract are provided two consults with Baur, who is a nutritionist.

Operating hours are weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon and closed on Sundays.

Learn more about the new gym at their website. Follow them on Facebook. Their phone number is (910) 725-2014.

Videos: TWS Technology owners Sean Boer and Jennifer Baur teach bungee-jumping exercises to students Paula Kettell and Bryan and Virginie Santiago.

Feature photo: TWS Technology owners Sean Boer and Jennifer Baur. Contributed photo.

~Article and videos by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Stephanie M. Sellers.

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