An 86 year old Aberdeen resident was injured Saturday afternoon when her ceiling collapsed on top of her at her home on Keyser Street.  The elderly disabled woman was watching TV in her living room when the ceiling came crashing down trapping her under the rubble.  She was able to call her family who lived one street over for help, and they in turn called 911. The family members rushed to her aid while digging her out of the debris, and then carrying her outside and placing her in her wheelchair.  She was treated at the scene and transported to Firsthealth Moore Regional Hospital by Moore County EMS.  The family reported the home is one of the oldest in the Berkley community and had recently had a new roof installed.  The home is insured and the family hopes to be able to get answers as to why the ceiling collapsed, get the repairs completed, and have her back in her home soon.  Responding to the scene were Moore County EMS, Aberdeen Fire & Rescue, and Aberdeen Police Department.

The recliner where the victim was seated when the ceiling came crashing down


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