Fugitive with aliases arrested again

A Moore County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested a man who failed to appear for several court cases and according to Chief Deputy Richard Maness “appeared to be on the run.”

With the assistance of Across the Street Bail Bonds owner Jeff Botellio, Lakie Fogee, Jr. entered Moore County Detention Center Oct. 3 and faces 19 charges in Superior Court on Oct. 26.

Fogee, 62, of Aberdeen, had skipped court in January 2020 for charges against crimes including robbery with a dangerous weapon, first-degree kidnapping, felonious restraint, misdemeanor larceny, simple assault, injury to personal property, breaking or entering a motor vehicle, three counts of possession of stolen goods, four counts of felony larceny, two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, second-degree trespass, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and breaking and or entering.

Fogee is listed as a disabled man on his Moore County Detention Center’s booking sheet and has aliases including the last names Fogie and Fogle, according to Maness.

“John Henry Eagle was his name on his fake South Carolina I.D.,” Botellio added, whose bail bond agency is located in Carthage.

Botellio and his team contrived a “trap” for Fogee to pick up money at a Wal-Mart two days prior to going to Mississippi where Fogee’s camper had been tracked and seen by bounty hunters hired by Botellio, who spent upwards of $9,000 locating the fugitive.

“He scammed women on the internet for money,” Botellio said.

A Mississippi sheriff watched with Botellio as Fogee took the “bait” and was placed in handcuffs and leg bracelets. Botellio drove Fogee 13 hours back to Moore County where the sheriff’s deputy took custody.

“We did it all in the same day,” Botellio said. “I had to take an hour nap at a rest stop and you know the stupid thing? North Carolina has a law that exempts immediate family members for aiding and abetting a fugitive. His family co-signed for his bail and was helping him stay on the run.”

Botellio plans to take Fogee’s case to the U.S. Prosecutor for this district.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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