Aberdeen approves downtown zoning change

A traffic pattern change in Aberdeen will occur on Knight Street and N. Sycamore Street.

These streets will be turned to one-way only. N. Sycamore Street will become north-bound traffic only, between Knight Street and W. Maple Street. Knight Street will become east-bound traffic only, between N. Poplar Street and N. Sycamore Street.

Town traffic pattern change begins October

Map courtesy of Town of Aberdeen.

The purpose of the change is to ease traffic congestion.

Mayor Robert Farrell said at a council meeting that some of the congestion is from transfer trucks making deliveries of pine straw and hay, and it’s a problem due to narrow streets and blocked driveways when unloading the materials. 

The town board gathered traffic pattern ideas from a variety of people via a survey and public comments at a council meeting earlier this year.

Business owners made up 50% of respondents in the survey and questionnaires. Shoppers made up 25%, and residents made up 8.3%. 

The new traffic shift begins on October 1.

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