Workers injured following roof collapse at Fidelity Bank construction site

Three workers were injured Thursday afternoon when a gust of wind took down several roof trusses at once at the construction site of the new Fidelity Bank on Old U.S. 1 and Belle Avenue in Southern Pines.

The trusses fell on two of the workers, and the third worker fell off the roofline as he was standing above the trusses when the collapse occurred.

Southern Pines Assistant Fire Chief Ken Skipper said two of the workers were transported to FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst for minor wounds.

A landing zone was set up a few blocks from the scene at Memorial Park, and the third worker was airlifted to an area trauma center for a broken leg and other minor injuries, according to Skipper.

All workers are expected to make a full recovery.

Workers injured following roof collapse at bank construction site

A worker was flown to an area trauma center after a roof collapsed at the Fidelity Bank construction site. Photo by Donna Nagy.

An investigation is being conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration before work on the 7,000 square foot two-story building will be allowed to continue.

The bank was originally scheduled to open in 2020. The regional office is currently on Highway 15-501 in Aberdeen and will relocate to the Southern Pines’ location when it’s completed.

~Article and feature photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Scott Olson. 

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