Pinehurst opens glass recycling drop-off services

In an effort to reduce recycling costs, the Town of Aberdeen will now inspect and tag recycling containers that contain materials not permitted by the program.

“The Town of Aberdeen wants to remind citizens about the importance of putting the correct recyclable materials in the recycling container, ” said the Town of Aberdeen Friday in an email notification. “Some of you may have seen a red tag on your recycle container; this means the recycle container has been contaminated with non-recyclable items, household garbage, bags, etc.”

 Acceptable items to put into the recycle container.

The town is cracking down on the rules because recycling fees have increased from $25 to $100 per ton. In January, Aberdeen stopped accepting glass to reduce weight, although residents can take their glass to the Moore County Landfill located at 456 Turning Leaf Way in Aberdeen.

If the town sees any plastic bags, household garbage, or glass in the recycling container, town workers will mark the can with a red tag and not empty the container. The email said “All recycling materials should be thrown loose in the container.”

If you have any questions or received a red tag and think your container does not contain improper items, contact Robert Baker, Sanitation Superintendent, at 910-944-7012.

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