County manager balances budget

The Moore County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution on funding schools at the June 7 meeting. The resolution is to send a request to the General Assembly for more enhancement K-8 teachers, instead of only K-5, for 16-18 more instructors’ positions and for financial support. This will reduce class size if granted.

Commissioner Nick Picerno said he contacted Moore County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tim Locklair and asked what was the most important need for Moore County Schools.

As a member of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC), the board was invited to share its legislative goals, and Picerno said schools were the focus. The biennial invitation will be presented to the General Assembly by Sept. 12.

Picerno said he was surprised Locklair did not mention anything about teacher salaries being funded locally.

“It costs about seventy-two thousand for each position,” Picerno said about the possibility of the salary funding being granted by the state. “That [locally funded teacher funding] could be going to maintaining our schools, so we don’t have to build new ones.”

In other meeting business, the board approved a public hearing for the Public Works System Development Fee Analysis for Moore County Public Utilities. The state mandates that the fees are analyzed every five years.

The board approved a public hearing for Pete and Joanne Mace for a general use rezoning from highway commercial to rural agricultural. The parcel is approximately 5.74 acres on N.C. Highway 211. The property has a single-family residence within the urban transition portion of the highway corridor overlay district. In 2020, this property was rezoned from residential agricultural to highway commercial. It is within a half-mile of a voluntary agricultural district.

In new business, the board approved a request to amend the Moore County Health Department Budget for $177,925.

Interim Health Director Matthew Garner said the funds will help expand and address pandemic-related concerns and will help the department return, if not exceed, services in communicable diseases.

The board approved a “Change Order” agreement with Harrod and Associates Constructors, Inc. for the Sports Complex in Carthage. The request was for an increase of $26,451.36 to cover the cost of a larger emergency generator to be housed behind the building.

The public hearings will be held at 5:30 on June 21.

The board reappointed and appointed positions.

The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control System Board’s new chairman is Michael Kantorowski.

Concerning fire departments, Carlton Cole is the new chief of the South region, and Timmy Brown is the new chief in the North region. Mike St. Onge is the new chief in the West region, and Brian Atkins is a citizen representative. Each position is for a two-year term expiring June 30, 2024.

Liane York is a new Human Resources Appeals Committee member for a three-year term expiring June 30, 2025.

Mary Spell was reappointed to the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council for a two-year term expiring June 30, 2024.

Josh Brooks was reappointed, and Matt Garner was appointed to the Local Emergency Planning Committee for three-year terms expiring June 30, 2025.

Joseph Garrison was reappointed as chair of the Planning Board, and the board appointed Mick McCue and David McLean to the Planning Board.

Michelle Bauer was appointed to the Workforce Development Board for a three-year term expiring June 30, 2025.

Joseph Clendenin was appointed as a member of the Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees for a four-year term.

Maria Campbell, Kimmie Dowdy, and Sean McCormick were reappointed to the Transportation Advisory Board for three-year terms.

There was no action taken during the closed session of the meeting.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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