Third grader inspires Christmas spirit at board meeting

The Moore County Board of Education started their Monday meeting with a tribute to late board member Bruce Cummingham with a photo tribute and comments from former students, staff members, and board members. Cunningham passed away in July while vacationing in Ireland.

Moore County School Superintendent Dr. Robert Grimesey commented on Cunningham’s commitment and gift for compromise and finding common ground. “He was the ultimate bridge builder,” said Grimesey. At the conclusion of the presentation, the board presented a plaque to his wife Ann.

School board members presenting a plaque to Bruce Cunningham’s wife, Ann. (Courtesy of MCS)

In other board business, Moore County Schools will be transitioning to a new website and communications system in September. The new program is called “Communicate” and will replace “ConnectEd.”

The new service provides unlimited training and customer support. The program also allows branding messages with logos or individual school names. The program also provides Communicate Apps for both the administration and parents.  

The new website is based on a platform also provided by School Messenger, the same company providing the new communications platform.

The company will also provide unlimited training and customer support. The site allows streamlining content updates, which makes it easier and faster to update and is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. ADA compliance is important because it allows students to use reading devices to access the website. The current site is not ADA compliant.

The new site also includes an App available for IOS and Android. You can see a preview of the new site here. The target for deployment is early September.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Board Vice-Chair Libby Carter addressed her responses to some of the most common questions she has been asked recently:

1.  Was the new Aberdeen Elementary School really built on a toxic waste dump? “The new site was never used as a dumpsite of any kind,” said Carter. “Although much has been said about this, the site was thoroughly vetted, and the EPA continues to monitor the site for any signs of condemnation. The current Aberdeen Elementary School is located closer to a closed waste dump than the new school.”

2.  Are we trying to create schools that are racially balanced? “That is not the goal of our redistricting plan,” Carter explained. “Do we have to be careful not to create schools that increase the segregation of the races? Yes, so, therefore, as the process has continued, the racial makeup of the new proposed districts has to be examined. Our laws prohibit segregation, and we have to be certain this does not happen.”

3.  Why do you want our middle schools to look like Pinecrest? “Pinecrest is racially and academically representative of the people of Moore County,” said Carter. “Pinecrest represents the best of what is good about public schools, and bringing that to our middle schools would be a good thing.”

The next Moore County School Board meeting is a scheduled work session on September 4.

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