Moore County Sheriff’s Office has issued a news release stating there is a phone scam going around Moore County at this time. Moore County citizens are receiving phone calls from an individual that is posing as a Moore County Deputy requesting money regarding a Failure to Appear in court.

Citizens are reminded that Moore County Deputies will never contact the public asking for money related to arrest warrants, according to Sheriff Neil Godfrey.  If you receive one of these phone call scams, please immediately hang up and call Moore County Sheriff’s Office at 910-947-2931.  The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public to be cautious about giving personal information over the phone to anyone and to never let strangers into your home.  There have been other departments warning the public about recent phone scams as well.

On June 16th, Aberdeen Police Department issued a warning to the public stating they had received at least two reports of calls to residents from numbers that show Town of Aberdeen, and that this was a possible scam saying they were from the water department.  The Police Department said town employees do not enter residences, they only do work on the water meter which is located near the street.  All Town of Aberdeen Water Department/Public Works employees will be driving a white truck with Town of Aberdeen markings on the sides and in a Town of Aberdeen uniform.  The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) recently issued a warning to North Carolina residents.

On July 12th,  the SBI issued a news release stating that the SBI’s main phone number, 919-662-4500, is being used in a scam asking for money. The public should know that the SBI would never solicit money from a private citizen.

In the news release, SBI Assistant Director, Chris Laws who oversees the agency’s Information Technology section, stated that there is no way to prevent spoofing of a phone number, and in the event you receive such a call, simply hang up.







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