Pinehurst Police seek information stolen car break-ins

The Pinehurst Police Department said a phone scam is currently going around the area.

“Scammers claiming to be from Law Enforcement Support are calling residents and attempting to raise money to support Pinehurst Police Officers,” said the department Wednesday on their Facebook page. “This is not a legitimate fundraising effort.”  

The police asked residents not to contribute to this organization.

The Southern Pines Police department announced last week of another phone scam going around as well.

The police department said on their Facebook page last Wednesday, “The caller states they are from the Southern Pines Police Department soliciting money.”

If you receive one of these calls, the department is advising to hang up immediately.

“The Southern Pines Police Department will never make calls soliciting money,” said the police department. “If you receive one of these calls, please hang up, do not give the caller any personal information.”

Because the scammers can change quickly change their number, the police said it’s nearly impossible to track them.

Citizens can contact the Southern Pines Police Department to verify the validity of such calls.

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