Multiple law enforcement agencies are searching for two black men in the Carthage area who fired at officers. Authorities say the incident began in Albemarle early Sunday afternoon when an Albemarle officer attempted to stop a Lexus vehicle possibly involved in an earlier shooting.

The car fled with the passenger standing up in the sunroof and firing at the police officer with a high-powered rifle.  “Our vehicle was struck three times, fortunately the officer was not struck, said Albermarle Police Department.


Sheriff Godfrey at command post

Law enforcement chased the vehicle into Moore County, and the suspects jumped from the car and fled on foot about three miles outside of Carthage on 24/27. Moore County Sheriff’s deputies shut down roads for a several mile radius around the area.

Authorities set up a command post and deployed a drone to aid in the search. 


Drone set up used in the search.

“The suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled as they came upon the area where deputies were putting stop sticks across the road,” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey at the command post. “Officers did recover weapons from the vehicle, including an AK-47. They have officers and K9s in the woods tracking the suspects. They are considered armed and dangerous. The NC Highway Patrol has a helicopter searching for the suspects.”

Officers with Richmond and Montgomery counties along with officers from Bisco, Star, and Candor are aiding in the search. 

Feature photo: Lt. Tim Davis of Moore County Sheriff’s Department looking at drone video at command post.

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