The mayoral race in Carthage had a significant development on Friday. According to voting records, Incumbent Mayor Lee McGraw no longer resides within the town limits of Carthage, so the Moore County Board of Elections has called a special meeting Monday to review the situation.

McGraw told Sandhills Sentinel in a phone interview he remarried last year and made a decision to move into his new wife’s home.

His wife’s home is in the ETJ area of Carthage, but not within the town limits. He stated that it was an oversight, and he would abide by whatever decision the Moore County Board of Elections makes.

According to Board of Elections Director Glenda Clendenin, the Board of Elections will have a special meeting on Monday to discuss the situation and render a final decision.

According to Article 5 of the North Carolina General Statues concerning elective offices, “All city officers elected by the people shall possess the qualifications set out in Article VI of the Constitution. In addition, when the city is divided into electoral districts for the purpose of electing members of the council, council members shall reside in the district they represent. When any elected city officer ceases to meet all of the qualifications for holding office pursuant to the Constitution, or when a council member ceases to reside in an electoral district that he was elected to represent, the office is ipso facto vacant.”

McGraw stated that he would not appeal the decision, and he was not sure how the oversight happened. When asked about his future plans, he said that there are many ways to serve, and he is keeping his options open.

In addition to McGraw, Jimmy Chalflinch, Kevin Lewis and George H. Wilson, Jr. are running for Carthage Mayor. The election is Tuesday, November 5.

This is a developing story and will be updated as necessary. Sandhills Sentinel will be covering the Board of Elections meeting and will provide an update as soon as the board announces their decision.

~ Feature Photo courtesy of Town of Carthage.

Sandhills_Sentinel~ Written by Sandhills Sentinel Local News/Government Reporter Chris Prentice.
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