There are two area shelters from Hurricane Florence; however, one shelter is at full capacity.

Moore County declared a State of Emergency from Hurricane Florence Tuesday afternoon and opened a shelter Wednesday at the Moore County Ag Building located at 707 Pinehurst Ave. in Carthage.

As of Thursday evening, the 80 cot shelter was at capacity; however, a second shelter is now open.

The town of Robbins announced Moore County Social Services has open a shelter at North Moore High School, located at 1504 N. Moore Road in Robbins at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, September 13.

The North Moore High School shelter’s rules and regulations:

~Children under 18 years of age with the exception of emancipated minors must be accompanied by an adult when entering the shelter and remain in the custody of the guardian during their stay.

~Residents are instructed not to bring alcohol, drugs, guns or other weapons, “boom boxes”, radios, TVs, or perishable goods. Law enforcement will have the authority to search bags and confiscate any items brought into the shelter.

~Residents utilizing public shelter spaces are instructed to bring medications, blankets, special dietary foods/formulas, and a supply of food for personal consumption.

~Public shelters should be considered “shelters of last resort” with very basic provisions for a safe and dry environment to include a cot for sleeping and limited meal capabilities.

~This is NOT a Medically Fragile Patient Shelter.

~This is NOT a Pet Friendly Shelter. 

This article will be updated if more shelters open to the public.


Photo credit/YouTube DNEL35


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