Police warn residents of Chase Bank scam

The Aberdeen Police Department shared on social media it has received dozens of reports over the past three weeks for victims receiving Chase Bank debit cards in the mail. This is a scam that involves criminals stealing someone’s information (name, address, and social security number) to go online and set up an account with Chase Bank. The victims of this fraudulent activity are only learning about it once they get a brand new debit card in the mail.

Instead of the criminal stealing money from the individual, they seem to be targeting the bank itself. Chase Bank is offering a nationwide promotion for Chase Total Checking, in which new customers have $200 deposited into a new account. Criminals have subsequently taken the identities of thousands of people and created new accounts so that they can then go online and transfer the $200 from each account.

In the cases reported locally, victims have only had their identity stolen and so far, individuals have not lost any money and their other bank accounts have not been compromised. It is unknown where the criminals obtained the victims’ identity at this time, as there have been no common denominators between the victims. Some victims have never had a Chase account, so it does not appear to be a security breach on their part.

Although victims have not suffered a financial loss at this time, it does not mean the issue should be ignored. If you receive a new Chase Bank Debit Card in the mail, you will need to file a police report. Chase Bank is requiring a police report before they can close the account, so you will need the report number before you contact Chase Bank. Even after the account has been closed, contact any credit protection bureaus you subscribe to and inform them that you might be a victim of identity theft; monitor your credit closely.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Aberdeen Police Department at 910-944-9721. If you need to file a police report, you can respond to the Aberdeen Police Department at 124 N Poplar St.



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