Antisemitic signs removed from bridges in Vass, Cameron

An antisemitic sign was removed from the Highway 690 overpass in Vass just hours before the first night of Hanukkah. The Moore County Sheriff’s Office has the sign and is investigating who is responsible for hanging it on the bridge early Sunday morning.  

The large sign was covered with four red swastikas in each corner and antisemitic phrases. In part, language associated with white supremacist groups, “BRING IT ALL DOWN” and “1488,” was written on the sign.

Another antisemitic sign was found hanging on the Pineywood Church Road overpass in Cameron on Christmas morning. The sheriff’s department said the signs appear to be placed on the bridges by the same group of people, but they are still combing through evidence to determine this.

The Town of Vass made a statement regarding the sign on its website and social media page.

“Mayor Callahan, the Vass Board of Commissioners and staff; unequivocally denounce antisemitism and hate in any form. All forms of hate against any group will not be tolerated in our community. The disgusting antisemitic sign that was hung on a bridge near Vass does not reflect the beliefs of our community. The Town of Vass will rise above this hate. The United State of America is a land of inclusion and opportunity, not a place for antisemitism and hatred. The Town of Vass Police Department  is available to assist the Moore County Sheriff’s Department in their investigation into the culprits behind this vile sign.”

According to authorities, there’s no indication of threats to the Sandhills Jewish Congregation. Foxfire Police Department stated they have not received any reports of threats to the congregation. Sandhills Sentinel reached out to the Sandhills Jewish Congregation but has not heard back at this time.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Curtis Self.

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